There were HUGE sparks!!!

I joined MSC in March of 2008, not really knowing what I was looking for... someone to chat with? a friend? a date maybe? I had never done the "online dating" thing and was very skeptical about it. I instantly met 2 guys that lived in my area and went on a few dates, only to discover that we weren't meant to be. Simply browsing one day, I found that I had a 100% match, something I'd never seen!!! I instantly contacted him, completely thrilled and eager to get to know him. I perused his page, and definitely liked what I saw! Come to find out, he had spotted me a few days earlier, but didn't say anything to me because he thought I was "out of his league". To make a long story short, we ended up hitting it off from half a world away! He was deployed in Afghanistan and I lived in Hawaii. In August he flew all the way to Hawaii to meet me and there were HUGE sparks!!! On New Years Eve 2008, Tom proposed to me and I accepted. We are to be married on 09.19.09 . This is NO JOKE, we are so, so, so happy and so grateful to MSC for bringing us together!

Melissa81 & Tom0715

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