It was truly magical...

We signed up for this site on the same day. We were both burned by previous relationships and both of us came to this site with very low expectations.

She saw my profile and sent me a smile. When I saw her picture, I was instantly drawn to read her profile. She had read my profile and liked what was written. I smiled back and received an email to chat. We chatted on this site for over 4 hours straight the first night. We chatted every night since, finding that we had so much in common and so many similar interests. It was love at first We met on Valentine's day in Paris, it was truly magical and we have been together ever since.

I want to let everyone know that although meeting the right person is difficult, it does happen because it happened to us. Traveladdict and myself, Arheilegen wish everyone the same happiness that we now have!

Ciao and Au revoir!

Arheilegen & Traveladdict

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