Success Stories: 2009

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It was like love at first sight.

I signed on because a friend told me that's where she met her fiance. So I registered and and the same day I signed on I met a great guy and we clicked. After talking for a while we decided to meet up and it was like love at first sight :) We have been together ever since and we are spending Christmas with his family :) so I am very happy.



Things are great and our future looks very promising.

I was just about to give up and I met a wonderful man on Military Singles. Things are great and our future looks very promising. This is a great web site for the ones who are serious.


We are more in love than ever!

Aaron & I met in 2004 and have been together since. We married in April of 2007 & currently live in St. Augustine, Fl. He is presently deployed to Iraq, but we are more in love than ever!!!!! Thank you so much for providing this service to military members, I would not have found him otherwise.

Very Sincerely,



I was finally home in the arms of the man I loved.

I had moved from Sydney to Brisbane and I was so bored with no friends around me so I decided to look around on the net. I found your site and made a profile for myself. I met Nick who was stationed in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. He had left an email for me which I replied back to. He looked so handsome in his profile photo. I did not hear from Nick for a while and forgot all about him until I received an email to my Hotmail account. I could not for the life of me remember who this man was so I pulled up my profile and found it was the Nick that had emailed a few months before hand. We started talking again via email and eventually via the phone. He had been deployed to Iraq and would not be returning home until July of 2009. Throughout his deployment time we kept in constant contact. I would rush home from a hard days work just to wait for his call or his emails.

On my birthday, a package was sent to me with an engagement ring. Nick called and proposed to me. Our wedding was planned for May of 2009 and Nick was taking leave to come to Australia for it. Our meeting at Brisbane Airport was perfect. I knew he was my soul-mate. We were married on May 23rd and it was a beautiful day. He was only in Australia for 9 days as he had to return to Iraq. We made plans for myself and my son to fly to the States to make it our permanent home. On July 30th we arrived in Nashville, Tennessee and I was finally home in the arms of the man I loved.

We are now living in Virginia as Nick is based at Fort Lee. I would like to thank Military Singles Connections. If it wasn't for this site I would never have found my soul-mate.

Once again thank you.



We are so happy and in love...

I want to say I am so thankful I found this site. I feel I have met my soul mate. When I first saw him I had to email him. He was stationed in Germany in 2006. The funny part is we talked a few months and lost contact for a whole year. I could never get him off my mind, so after a whole year went by I sent him another MSG and prayed that he was single....yes he was thank god. And in fact he was wondering what happened to me. So we promised not to loose contact. So we talked, met and fell in love in 2007. We been together ever since and guess what...we got married in April of 2009 and have a baby on the way. We are so happy and in love...................

Thanks Military Singles Connection!

Montrell and Kristy

JCKSNFINEST & Georgia_boy

We knew that we were meant for each other!

I have met my Knight in Shinning Armor on this site. We have dated for 2 years and we are now happily married. We got married March 7,2009. It was love at first sight and from that moment on we knew that we were meant for each other! We wanted to say THANKS! If it was not for your this site, we would probably would have never met and got married!

Thanks Again!

Major Bradley & Mrs. Kari Harmon


He means the absolute world to me.

I first sent Paul a smile back in July of 2008. He sent me an email and I never really opened it until November. We started messaging each other and then out of no where he gave me his number. From there we got to know each other way better while he was on his holiday leave. He ended up driving 19 hours straight to come see me and meet me in person for the very first time and its been nothing but love after that. We started dating officially on Jan. 9th of this year and I'm very thankful that he is in my life now. I love everything about him and he means the absolute world to me.

Thanks MSC!

SheriesNcream & Paulstoner

SheriesNCream & Paulstoner

It was truly magical...

We signed up for this site on the same day. We were both burned by previous relationships and both of us came to this site with very low expectations.

She saw my profile and sent me a smile. When I saw her picture, I was instantly drawn to read her profile. She had read my profile and liked what was written. I smiled back and received an email to chat. We chatted on this site for over 4 hours straight the first night. We chatted every night since, finding that we had so much in common and so many similar interests. It was love at first We met on Valentine's day in Paris, it was truly magical and we have been together ever since.

I want to let everyone know that although meeting the right person is difficult, it does happen because it happened to us. Traveladdict and myself, Arheilegen wish everyone the same happiness that we now have!

Ciao and Au revoir!

Arheilegen & Traveladdict

There were HUGE sparks!!!

I joined MSC in March of 2008, not really knowing what I was looking for... someone to chat with? a friend? a date maybe? I had never done the "online dating" thing and was very skeptical about it. I instantly met 2 guys that lived in my area and went on a few dates, only to discover that we weren't meant to be. Simply browsing one day, I found that I had a 100% match, something I'd never seen!!! I instantly contacted him, completely thrilled and eager to get to know him. I perused his page, and definitely liked what I saw! Come to find out, he had spotted me a few days earlier, but didn't say anything to me because he thought I was "out of his league". To make a long story short, we ended up hitting it off from half a world away! He was deployed in Afghanistan and I lived in Hawaii. In August he flew all the way to Hawaii to meet me and there were HUGE sparks!!! On New Years Eve 2008, Tom proposed to me and I accepted. We are to be married on 09.19.09 . This is NO JOKE, we are so, so, so happy and so grateful to MSC for bringing us together!

Melissa81 & Tom0715

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