We each found our soul mate.

After my husband passed away in November of '93, I had pretty much given up hope of ever finding another mate. After many years, a friend of mine told me about this great on-line dating site she had found . It was where she had met her husband. She thought I should check it out. I became a member and after a year I had not met that someone special. So I was about to delete my profile and go back to the normal way of meeting a mate. Just as I was about to delete my profile, I got an IM request. I thought, "what the heck, why not", so I accepted it. This was in April of '2005. This man had just returned from a deployment and was in need of a friend. After several months of chatting, we took our chats off the site and on to our personal messengers. By November of '05, we were meeting in person and it was love at first site. After 2 years, we decided to move in together. This was in April of 2007. Things have gone so well over the past 9 months that we are buying a home in his home town and plan to spend the rest of our lives together...So I want to say, don't give up hope because this stuff really works. Because of MSC, we each found our soul mate..

Thank you so much Megan, your site helped us to find true love.

lovebambi & acburgess

***Updated 8/9/08***
We are doing fabulous! We have been together 16 months now. He has finished school and working off shore in the Gulf of Mexico at the moment. I am currently getting things squared away here in California for mine and my son's big move to rejoin Adam in Louisiana.

We are both so happy we joined MSC. Because of your site, we met and fell in love. There has been some serious talks of getting married in the near future. Thank you again, MSC rocks!

***Updated 7/11/09***
We where Married by the Justice of the Peace on May 5th 2009.
This is just further proof your site works for the people who are honestly looking for there soul mate.

Thank you so much for your site, without it I would have never met my husband.


lovebambi & acburgess

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