My life is immeasurably richer since I met him.

I met cernst1975 on MSC. In September of '07, while he was in Iraq, I joined MSC under the username 'surfgoddessnc'. I sent him a smile and after 8 months of AMAZING correspondence, webcam chats, letters, and more, he returned to Ft Story in Virginia Beach. His long awaited departure from Iraq was delayed for several days by sandstorms. While waiting at home for word from him, there was a knock at the door, and there he was! I cannot describe what it felt like to finally see this man who had charmed me, made me laugh, and loved me more from the other side of the world, while he faced the rigors of combat and deployment, than any man I had ever known. We were married 8 weeks later in a very small, private garden wedding. Two months later, we had a second wedding for all of our family and friends! My life is immeasurably richer. I could never have imagined such joy. Thank you ever so much! May all your members be blessed as we have been.

Most Sincerely,

Chris & Kathleen

surfgoddessnc & cernst1975

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