He completely swept me off my feet from the very first smile

So there was this girl, that was the most hopeless romantic girl you may ever find. She felt like she could never find the one true person that could steal her heart away and put up with her crazy shenanigans. Nobody was ever going to be the right person because she set the bar so high.... Then came along this man that had the most amazing smile and the sweetest and most kindest heart one could ever find... His name is Prince Charming.

Thank you military singles connection, for allowing me to experience the ability to love and be loved back... I have met the most amazing man named Ollie. He completely and utterly swept me off my feet from the very first smile! I am going to see him in about 12 days and I am so excited! He is the man that I am going to spend the rest of my life with. I love every little thing about him, especially his way that he makes me smile with every word that he speaks. He's a huge dork and is completely and utterly the love of my life. I cannot imagine life without him. He makes me feel 1000 times more special and lucky than any other girl in the world. I have found my soul's counterpart in this wonderful man. He is my best friend for all of eternity and he has allowed me to live my very own real life fairytale love story... =)


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