Success Stories: 2008

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I met him and fell in love ...

I met and fell in love with a man that I met on here back in January of 2006. We have been talking every day since then and I am so thankful that I came across the ad for this website. I don't know where I would be right now without out it. I plan on moving in with him this June and so we are excited to finally start out our lives living with each other. We have been apart for the last two years and have been flying back and forth to each other. Anyways, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to be happy. I started on this website just for fun and it turned into something very serious and real!


We immediately fell in love with each other

Well it started out just as friends, someone who I got along with online really well. We decided after a few weeks of talking to meet, as he was in the states for a friend's wedding. So he flew from California to NC to see me and we hit it off. We immediately fell in love with each other and here we are. He is still stationed in England, but we are planning on getting married very soon! He's everything and more I could ask for in a partner!


Will you marry me?

Three years ago before I came to the United States of America, I was in Barcelona, Spain for 15 years. Every relationship that I had before, always had problems. They always changed me for another guy, mostly older ones. Once I was in the States, I basically didn't think I wanted to be in a serious relationship again. While in high school last year with a scholarship to different universities, I decided to join the military. It was time to pay back what this country has done for me, my family, and my people. I did not accept any scholarship and 3 weeks after graduation I went to Navy boot camp. Now I'm stationed in San Diego and it's my first time on a ship. I was at the LRC waiting for my friend and I saw him on a webpage,, and asked him, "What's that?" He said, "It's like Myspace, but only for military". Two or three days later while being online, I decided to check out that website and create an account, put some pictures on it, and a short description of myself. A couple of days later, I was checking my e-mail and I saw a notification of a smile from someone. I checked it out and saw her picture... it made me smile. I replied with a smile hoping that she was going to answer the next day, but she didn't; she answered a couple minutes later. We have been doing that for a while. That night around 2300, in my car, I decided to call her... I heard her voice and I fell in love!!! We started talking and I noticed that we had been talking for almost 3 hours. That night, we decided to meet each other in person. She was 2-3 hours away from the base. Why should I go that far? Because my heart told me to do so. The next morning at 1100, I was on the road and very nervous to meet her. When I got there, I didn't see her. She text me and asked me where I was. I replied, "In the computer section". She got closer and the first thing she did was give me a hug. There was connection. It's been 3 weeks and two days already, but it's been the best 3 weeks and 2 days of my life. I only get to see her on the weekends, but that's enough for me although I wish that I could wake up with her. She has really changed my life. We actually have a lot in common and she is the one. She is all I want and need right now. I won't let her go. Krysthel, will you marry me?

javo & kayemahal

We finally met and we fell in love.

When I joined this website, I had given up on love. I had gotten out of a relationship where the guy cheated on me when he got out of Iraq. So I mainly joined this website just to talk to people. That was until I met him. We started talking and he too had given up on love. After talking and getting to know each other more, we started to fall for each other. We finally met and we fell in love. Now we are getting married next month. Thank you MSC!


We each found our soul mate.

After my husband passed away in November of '93, I had pretty much given up hope of ever finding another mate. After many years, a friend of mine told me about this great on-line dating site she had found . It was where she had met her husband. She thought I should check it out. I became a member and after a year I had not met that someone special. So I was about to delete my profile and go back to the normal way of meeting a mate. Just as I was about to delete my profile, I got an IM request. I thought, "what the heck, why not", so I accepted it. This was in April of '2005. This man had just returned from a deployment and was in need of a friend. After several months of chatting, we took our chats off the site and on to our personal messengers. By November of '05, we were meeting in person and it was love at first site. After 2 years, we decided to move in together. This was in April of 2007. Things have gone so well over the past 9 months that we are buying a home in his home town and plan to spend the rest of our lives together...So I want to say, don't give up hope because this stuff really works. Because of MSC, we each found our soul mate..

Thank you so much Megan, your site helped us to find true love.

lovebambi & acburgess

***Updated 8/9/08***
We are doing fabulous! We have been together 16 months now. He has finished school and working off shore in the Gulf of Mexico at the moment. I am currently getting things squared away here in California for mine and my son's big move to rejoin Adam in Louisiana.

We are both so happy we joined MSC. Because of your site, we met and fell in love. There has been some serious talks of getting married in the near future. Thank you again, MSC rocks!

***Updated 7/11/09***
We where Married by the Justice of the Peace on May 5th 2009.
This is just further proof your site works for the people who are honestly looking for there soul mate.

Thank you so much for your site, without it I would have never met my husband.


lovebambi & acburgess

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