With all my heart, Thank You so much!

With all my heart, Thank You so much!
I have found the LOVE OF MY LIFE!
I have never met a man so true in my entire life, so beautiful inside and out (he hates when I call him beautiful) but he is so amazing! I almost gave up believing that ther was someone in this world for me, after all the pain and tears I have been forced to feel in my life. I now realize that they were all worth it! I thank every man who treated me bad enough to make me walk away or who walked away from me, for I would not have found this love I have now with mark if they hadn't. I can now run into the arms of the man I love and who loves me the same! I asked if I could shout it from the mountains and he said who cares about everyone else, it is only US I care about! I have found the reason for my life and that is in him, for him and by him. We truely have HEAVEN ON EARTH! We will be together for the rest of our lives! I thank you so much Military Singles because of you and this site all of this became possible! I cry tears of happiness for the first time in my life! Thank you! I LOVE YOU MARKO!
resquemyheart, zaricivan has done and will keep it forever, my love for him is unending, eternal!

resquemyheart & zaricivan

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