We never expected such a perfect match.

Who would have thought a few months ago I would be married now to the love of my life?
I wasn't really looking for marriage, I was hoping for friendship and found the best friend I have ever had. If it hadn't been for MSC.com I would probably never have found him. He's stationed in Germany, not where I would have ever have looked or where he would have ever found me. We were married 6/8/07, the happiest day of our lives. So from here on Panther_VG and Becca87 are not alone, we have each other, a team for whatever life brings. Thanks doesn't seem like enough.

***Updated 8/6/08***
When we both signed up on MSC, we were not sure we would find someone. Boy were we surprised! After 1 year of married life, we still can't say thank you enough for helping us find each other. We are both convinced we would have never found each other any other way and we never expected such a perfect match. In June we celebrated our 1 year anniversary. While we did find each other in an unconventional way, we could not be happier.

Thank-you again for helping each of us find our soulmate.

Becca87 and Panther_vg

Becca87 & Panther_VG

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