We both knew we were crazy about each other...

Dear Military Singles Connection,

When I canceled my profile, it was on a hope that the person I had met through your site would be what I thought! It was a year ago that I met him on the site. We chatted through your site or MSN everyday and at first it was our friendship which grew. We would always make time for each other and even when I was working in America, I insisted on getting up at four in the morning everyday just so I could speak to him. The unusual situation, which not many people find themselves in, is I'm based in the UK and he is in Japan.

He planned to visit me that August. I knew deep down the worst that would happen would be that I made a life long friend. But, I was hoping for the fairytale and I know he did too. We both knew we were crazy about each other, but you have to meet someone face to face to really know.

It turned out to be the best two weeks of my life. We just clicked, laughed, chatted and had more fun than I have ever had with a partner.
I have never been as in love with anyone and never felt so sure that I wanna be with someone. I know he is currently in Japan, but I am willing to do everything in my power to be with him. We still speak everyday and I cannot wait for the day that we are together.

I just want to thank Military Singles Connection for introducing me to my new life.

***Updated 5/26/09***
Thank you for introducing me to my best friend who is now my husband. We met on your site thinking we had found a friendship that would survive the distance (Japan/England). We met and things developed, so, quite a few international flights later, we are now happily married.
Because I am so happy I sometimes forget quite where we started and the odds we had of finding each other so randomly. We started talking not so much in the hope of finding true love, but a companion and a friend. That is exactly what happened and everything else came later. If it wasn't for you all at Military Singles Connection, we wouldn't be where we are today. Its amazing.

Thank you all,



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