We are happily married and very in love with each other...

I just want to say thank you. Last year, around the month of March, I went on your web site and I met the most wonderful guy there. We started talking, then in April we met in person. We hit it off very good. We started going together and now we make a year of being together and we are planning to get married. At the moment we have a long distance relationship. He's from Florida and I'm from New York, but that's not a problem for us, we see each other every other month. He comes down to be with me and I also go down to be with him. We take turns in going to see each other. It's not easy some times cause we love each other so much, and we miss each other too, but being apart is temporary for now till we get married. He turn out to be a wonderful man, loving, caring, and understanding. I'm very happy to have found the man of my dreams on your web site. Thanks again.

***Updated 5/26/09***
we tied the knot on March 10, 2008. March 22, 2009 was our 3rd anniversary when we first began to talk to each other on your site and we've been together ever since. Our first wedding anniversary was this month too. We are happily married and very in love with each other, carrying on with our normal lives being together and with my daughters and my new granddaughter in which was born in January of 2009. We are a happy family. Thank you again!


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