Made for each other

My name is Marline aka marlinelagirl32 fell in love with matt aka somenavyguy. We met online at yalls site and hit it off the very first time we chatted. Matt is currently overseas in Italy and I am at home in Louisiana. We chatted a while and then we figured out that we were made for one another. We just fell in love at first site. We are now engaged to be married. We hope to get to do it this summer in Rome; however, we may not get to. If not, we will(for sure) get married in November, when he gets back to the states. I am a civilian and he is in the Navy. I love him so much I just can't wait until we are together. I know if we could find it so can everyone else. All you have to do is believe and it will happen. Just keep your faith in god and he will do the rest for you. Please share our success story with all the other members on this site.


marlineLagirl32 & somenavyguy

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