It was definitely love at first sight.

I met Stephen in September of 2006. We talked everyday for a few weeks and finally decided to meet in October. He flew to see me and spent a week with my son and me. It was definitely love at first sight.
After a week, he went back to Texas (where he was stationed) and began preparation for a deployment to Iraq. We stayed together and kept in touch frequently until he came home on mid-tour leave in April 2007. We spent his 15 days with my family and his and treasured every moment.
After he returned to Iraq, the stress became too much and we broke up for a few months.
But true love always prevails and about a month before his homecoming, we started talking again and both agreed that my son and I should be there for his homecoming.
I arrived just after he did and though I missed the actual homecoming, we couldn't have been more happy to see each other. We're getting married and thanks to Military Singles, because without you guys, I wouldn't have met the man of my dreams. My Superman!


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