I met him by accident

I met him by accident. We really didn't match. I couldn't see his picture well so I opened the profile. He was younger than me so I wasn't interested but his introduction caught my eye. I sent a smile, he got in touch and we chatted a bit, exchanged "stories". One night I was headed out to meet friends and sent him an email to join us if he wanted to and sent my phone number. He didn't come up but he did call me the next day. We spoke for 5 hours - until our phone batteries heated up and died. He came up a few days later and we have been together ever since. That was a year ago. We couldn't be more in love and we balance each other so well. If we hadn't gone online we never would have met. I think we were put together. Ian is deployed again to Iraq, but we are getting married when he comes home. If you don't think it is out there, if you think the love you want doesn't exist, think again. We found it. good luck....


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