I found true love

It was in March 25, 2006 when Kevin sent me his very first email, and I responded. We sent each other smiles and we would email everyday. A month later, we talked on Yahoo messenger and on the phone. We talked at least every other day. It was in August 2006 when he first deployed to Iraq and even then, we would still chat and talked on the phone. Kevin had told me he wanted to see me, but my chances of going to America were very small, so we started making plans for him to fly to the Philippines. We eventually met on July 21, 2007 and spent 9 days together. It was the happiest moment of my life, meeting someone I love and someone who loves me more than anything else. After he got back to the US, we continued to talk and decided to get married. We submitted some paperwork for us to get married in May of 2008. However, on Nov 5, 2007, Kevin was killed in Iraq. We all know my life would never be the same anymore. I am still struggling to move on, but I thank Military Singles Connection for bridging me to meet Kevin, the man I truly love. It is with Kevin, I found true love and a super caring man. Thank you for letting me know him, we may not be able to end up with each other, however, I am still successful knowing him once in my life... I love you forever Kevin R. Bewley; you are always in my heart, MY SWEETS..


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