A miracle meeting this lady

I have had an incredible experience in being a member of this community.
Nearly the first day I logged on I met the love of my life. She is a 100% match for me. We have met in person only a few times, as she is in Atlanta and I am in Southern California, and it has been as if we have known each other all our lives. I don't know how you did it, but you have matched me with someone whom I will love for the rest of my life, God willing. It was
truly a miracle meeting this lady. As for your site, I found it well organized, and it functioned well too. The features you have on there, such as the preset Smiles, really worked well. In fact, that is how it all began
for me meeting my soul mate; I sent her a Smile that broke the ice beautifully. We spent time getting to know each other and by the time we
met in person, we really had a depth of understanding that takes years to achieve in traditional dating. I will really miss being on the site as it was a very enjoyable experience and, of course, now it holds a very significant space in my heart. I want to thank you for doing a great job in getting us together. The thing is, in your business, when you are successful like this, you end up losing clients. But I am still very happy to say that I will no longer need your services. Thank you again.



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