Success Stories: 2007

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My Best Friend

I had just purchased my computer and I was pretty much just looking for someone to talk to. I looked at many profiles but there was one that kept catching my eye...and so I sent him a couple of smiles. I was not yet a full memebr so we really didn't talked that much so I ended up purchasing a month. When we finally talked we hit it off right away. He was in Afghanistan at the moment and about to take leave to visit some family in California and he decided to come visit me in Chicago. We spent one weekend together. I just knew he was the one, 2 months later he proposed. He had an Engagement ring sent over while he was deployed and had his mom put it on my finger since he wasn't there. Here it is March 17th 2007 we got married Feb 8th 2007 and we couldn't be happier I married my best friend!!!


Love sparkle

I got an add on my email with your website and I said let's try. I logged on in December 2006 and soon after I started to get smiles and mails. I started to trace them and one in particular capt my attention. Even if it was younger than me I said ok let's try.
Turned out to be a great guy which I really love. He changed my life completely, even if he is far away. We talk every single day. We decided to meet this summer when he will come to visit me. By the way he lives in the States I live in Europe.

Thanks MSC This is an awsome site with really quality people.

Thank you

PS Baby I love you with all my heart



Very serious

Well I had only been on this site not even a month when we met. Josh (Necrolord) had sent me a smile and I responded back. We started talking and everything just clicked into place. We started dating 3 weeks after meeting and now where going on 3 months and very serious. Plans have already been made to live with each other and were very much in love.

sweetnslim & Necrolord

We are happily married and very in love with each other...

I just want to say thank you. Last year, around the month of March, I went on your web site and I met the most wonderful guy there. We started talking, then in April we met in person. We hit it off very good. We started going together and now we make a year of being together and we are planning to get married. At the moment we have a long distance relationship. He's from Florida and I'm from New York, but that's not a problem for us, we see each other every other month. He comes down to be with me and I also go down to be with him. We take turns in going to see each other. It's not easy some times cause we love each other so much, and we miss each other too, but being apart is temporary for now till we get married. He turn out to be a wonderful man, loving, caring, and understanding. I'm very happy to have found the man of my dreams on your web site. Thanks again.

***Updated 5/26/09***
we tied the knot on March 10, 2008. March 22, 2009 was our 3rd anniversary when we first began to talk to each other on your site and we've been together ever since. Our first wedding anniversary was this month too. We are happily married and very in love with each other, carrying on with our normal lives being together and with my daughters and my new granddaughter in which was born in January of 2009. We are a happy family. Thank you again!


My whole heart

northerngurl & James1984
Well I finally met the man I have been dreaming of. This month on Valentines I flew to Utah from Canada to meet with him while he was back for two weeks from Iraq. I know we both knew we were meant for each other even before we met face to face. I have never had a more wonderful Valentines than I did with him. I visited with him for only a week and even though it was such a short visit, we fell in Love with each other. We spent every moment together, he is ultimately the one I have been looking for and I'm so happy that we finally met and I am so happy that I signed up for MSC or I would not have met the man of my dreams.
This man definately has my whole heart...see you in Sept..Love you Baby xoxo

northrngurl & James1984

Celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary

Terry and I started talking on MSC in December of 2006. We lived about 6 hours away so decided to meet 1/2 way in Virginia...ever since that day we saw each other every weekend and in February 2006 I moved to NC and we got married! We just celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary and have a 4 month old baby boy! Thanks MSC =0)

Candi808 & crazy_orazi

Best thing that happen to me

Thanks for this site. I found my match on here and he is perfect for me. At the moment we're still in touch. I am happy to have him and I'm looking forward to meeting him in person. I want to walk with this guy at the isle because I love him so much. He is johhny_dallas24. I love u baby so much, ur the best thing that happen to me...

lawrence & johhny_dallas24

Fallen for him

Hi I'm blueeyes_2008. I have met someone wonderful on your site; he goes by hewkeye. I have fallen for him and he has fallen for me. We are to meet when he gets back from Iraq. I'll keep in touch and keep you up to date on things.

blueeye_2008 & hawkeye

Feeling like teenagers

A week before the end of my membership, having given up on all hope of finding the ONE. A fluke five minute window when she logged on I IMed her. She was not a member and all it took was a 5 minute IM session and we have been talking on the phone ever since and are meeting for the first time 15 days after our first chat, feeling like teenagers. Not renewing membership because you just know that when it's right it's right. She is more than I ever dreamed of having in my life.


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