Success Stories: 2007

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Greatest happiness

I was doing a quick search thru and connected with this wonderful woman who is a Lt in the US Marines. Her name is Kaitlin and used the sign in LtKatSavario. It was like like we have known each other our whole lives. After exchanging a few smiles and then meeting her in person, it was kismit. We are going to be married in just 6 weeks. Her biggest concern was she is in a wheelchair for life, my biggest concern is being by her side and showing her that the chair doesn't matter. She is the most incredible woman I have ever met and soon enough she will be my wife. I thank you Military Singles, you have brought me the greatest happiness I have ever known.

SgtRWilson & LtKatSavario

Absolutely perfect

I would like to say a huge thank you to this site for finding someone absolutely perfect for me who I never would have found otherwise. We exchanged smiles and eventually connected on Yahoo and Myspace. From there it was phone numbers and things have been going smoothly ever since. We have plans to meet in July and are getting to know more about each other each and every day. Thank you so much for bringing us together!

- talon18 and germanhotrodder71

His story:
Well just to let everyone on here know that I have found the girl I have been searching for my whole life on here. Her name is Katie and I absolutely adore her. She makes me the happiest man in the world. I can't wait till work is done so I can read her mail and see her face. Even though she is going into the army in August, that doesn't scare me at all. I am actually going to see her in July. I thank myself for clicking on the website back when I joined cause I wouldn't have found her.

**UPDATED July 11th, 2007**
Ryan took a few days from his regular leave to fly out here to Iowa to see me earlier this month. Things could not have gone better. Everyone in my family loved him. It was amazing to finally be together after so many weeks of only phone calls and webcams. We won't be able to be together right away, but I know that this is the one for me, and he feels the same.

Again, thank you MSC!

talon18 & germanhotrodder71

talon18 & germanhotrodder71

Everything each other wanted

We started talking because of the site, he found me attractive, and I found him to say the least interesting. We got talking on yahoo, and I had given him my number. We had only a few conversations and we had been everything each other wanted. We are talking about getting married. He already has a date planned for my proposal and I have yet to get it out of him. So that's our story.


Married in March 2007

I just wanted to thank u for your great site. I became a member back in 2004 and met some great friends on this site, but then I took a break for a while. In Aug 2007 I met this wonderful man on here and we chatted for a while as friends and then in Oct 2007 we met in person. He was in Germany and I was in England. Well, from that day on, we never stopped speaking on the phone or seeing each other as often as we could. It is now April 2007 and we live together in WA and are happily married. We married in March 2007 in Seattle and it was the most amazing day ever. Unfortunately my husband will be heading to Afghanistan very soon and leaving me here, but I am very happy that we have had the time together so far and cant wait for him to return. Oh, I am nicmacey and he is CorvetteGuy. Thank you so much and wishing everybody else out there the same luck.

nicmacey & CorvetteGuy

Home for good

I just want to let you know that I met the man that I will be marrying off your site 5 yrs ago now and when he finally comes home from Iraq in July we are getting married. We both met on your site 5 yrs ago, lost contact for a yr and now things are better then ever. He is comming home on leave to me in about 10 days and then when he finally comes home for good we will be married. I could not imagine my life without Keith now.
Thank you so much for bringing the two of us together 5 yrs ago now.
I had to go searching for your site again to post a little comment to you about this.


My Mate!

Thank You for this wonderful website! I have met the man of my dreams and I love him so much! He is stationed in Iraq currently and we hope that the extention will not effect him otherwise he will be home in July 2007. We both can not wait to start our lives together. We had both given up on meeting new people and it just happened. He is truely my mate! If it were not for this website.. well I don't even want to think about it. We are together now and that is all that matters! I love you my Doc! I cant wait till you are home with me for good!


I have met someone

I have met someone and he is very handsome. He is in Afghanistan right now and he comes home in two months and I am probably going into the service when he gets out of the army this June. I want to thank you for this site because if it was not for this site I would of never met him, I am going into the air force and I hope every thing goes okay once I am in.


Made for each other

My name is Marline aka marlinelagirl32 fell in love with matt aka somenavyguy. We met online at yalls site and hit it off the very first time we chatted. Matt is currently overseas in Italy and I am at home in Louisiana. We chatted a while and then we figured out that we were made for one another. We just fell in love at first site. We are now engaged to be married. We hope to get to do it this summer in Rome; however, we may not get to. If not, we will(for sure) get married in November, when he gets back to the states. I am a civilian and he is in the Navy. I love him so much I just can't wait until we are together. I know if we could find it so can everyone else. All you have to do is believe and it will happen. Just keep your faith in god and he will do the rest for you. Please share our success story with all the other members on this site.


marlineLagirl32 & somenavyguy

Incredible love connection.

I joined this website and immediately started getting smiles and cards. I never got so much attention on any other personal site before, I thought it was great. Then in just a few days I got a smile from a lady that really caught my attention. We exchanged several smiles and eventually exchanged phone numbers. We clicked right away on a level that neither of us ever imagined. This has developed into an an incredible love connection that I have only ever dreamed of. We both just know that we will be so incredibly happy together for the rest of our lives. And it all started with a simple little smile.


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