Success Stories: 2007

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He makes me happy

Well I never thought that you could meet someone here and, well, I was wrong. I met the guy of my dreams, he may be in Iraq but I support him and I will always be there for him. He makes me happy and he is the perfect guy for me, so thank you!
This site is true and I couldn't be any happier...Thank you MS

SweetNessA1284 & Cali_breed

We both knew we were crazy about each other...

Dear Military Singles Connection,

When I canceled my profile, it was on a hope that the person I had met through your site would be what I thought! It was a year ago that I met him on the site. We chatted through your site or MSN everyday and at first it was our friendship which grew. We would always make time for each other and even when I was working in America, I insisted on getting up at four in the morning everyday just so I could speak to him. The unusual situation, which not many people find themselves in, is I'm based in the UK and he is in Japan.

He planned to visit me that August. I knew deep down the worst that would happen would be that I made a life long friend. But, I was hoping for the fairytale and I know he did too. We both knew we were crazy about each other, but you have to meet someone face to face to really know.

It turned out to be the best two weeks of my life. We just clicked, laughed, chatted and had more fun than I have ever had with a partner.
I have never been as in love with anyone and never felt so sure that I wanna be with someone. I know he is currently in Japan, but I am willing to do everything in my power to be with him. We still speak everyday and I cannot wait for the day that we are together.

I just want to thank Military Singles Connection for introducing me to my new life.

***Updated 5/26/09***
Thank you for introducing me to my best friend who is now my husband. We met on your site thinking we had found a friendship that would survive the distance (Japan/England). We met and things developed, so, quite a few international flights later, we are now happily married.
Because I am so happy I sometimes forget quite where we started and the odds we had of finding each other so randomly. We started talking not so much in the hope of finding true love, but a companion and a friend. That is exactly what happened and everything else came later. If it wasn't for you all at Military Singles Connection, we wouldn't be where we are today. Its amazing.

Thank you all,



Distance doesn't matter

I've been mamber a little more than a month .. I met him here, armyguy1968.. and now we are gettng married.. and he's the best thing that has ever happend to me...
Keep lookng u will find that special one if u look enough.

Even the distance doesn't matter he's 22 hours away but we made things work.. We flew to each other.. and we spend numerous hours ...
Tons of text messages...
And that's just awesome..
Guys.. good luck and I'm sure u will find that one whom u are looking.


bellukelluke & armyguy1968

There is someone for everyone

To everyone out there, there is someone for everyone... I met a wonderful man on this site and we have a awesome relationship. We met in Las Vegas and we have fallen in love. We plan on spending the rest of our lives together. He is everything I have been looking for and so much more. Thank you military singles for helping me find the love of my life.....


Thank you so much for bringing her into my life!

All hope was lost and I had already decided to give up when "swamplilly" entered my life! She is the most wonderful person I have ever known. I'm here in Iraq and she is in the states, but we have plans to get married when we see each other! Thank you so much for bringing her into my life! God Bless you all, and good luck!

Her story:

I met the most wonderful man in Iraq on this site, He is Soldier in the U.S Military, he has brought so much joy to my life that I have ever known I could have, he has shown me the love I have beem missing. I am very proud of this man for what he is and what he is doing out here, and I pray every day for his safety as well as all them soldiers out there. thank you

gambet234 & swamplilly

I have found my soulmate finally

Thanks to military singles we have found the perfect relationship.
Though we only had a 97 percent match it feels like that we have a 200 percent match.
It's like we know each others thoughts and feelings before we say it or feel it.
I feel that I have found my soulmate finally, thank you very much for having this site.
Good luck to everyone out there I hope it works as well for you as it did for me.


Everything is so perfect!

I joined Military Singles because my friends thought it would be a good idea to try something different. Never did I believe that I could find someone beyond perfect for me. Jon had been on this site for about a day, and when I saw his profile, sent him and messege after that we talked so much about everything. We have such a strong connection even though we are so far apart, but it wont be for long. Everything is so perfect and I never expected this to happen to me. It was fate!


I met him by accident

I met him by accident. We really didn't match. I couldn't see his picture well so I opened the profile. He was younger than me so I wasn't interested but his introduction caught my eye. I sent a smile, he got in touch and we chatted a bit, exchanged "stories". One night I was headed out to meet friends and sent him an email to join us if he wanted to and sent my phone number. He didn't come up but he did call me the next day. We spoke for 5 hours - until our phone batteries heated up and died. He came up a few days later and we have been together ever since. That was a year ago. We couldn't be more in love and we balance each other so well. If we hadn't gone online we never would have met. I think we were put together. Ian is deployed again to Iraq, but we are getting married when he comes home. If you don't think it is out there, if you think the love you want doesn't exist, think again. We found it. good luck....


Always putting a smile on my face.

I just want to say "thank you " to all of you at MSC!! If it weren't for this site I wouldn't have met the Love of my life. He is in the Army and I was in the Air Force and Coast Guard. He has been the most positive person in my life, always putting a smile on my face. He is everything and more than I could ever wish for. He will be here in July for R&R, then back to Afghanistan until April '08. I can't wait for him to get back home when we can finally start our lives together. His name is Eugene and I have totally fallen in love with him! So thank you again MSC for making our dreams come true!!! We will write you another story soon!!!

Love and Happiness to all,
Jd72molar AKA Julie


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