Success Stories: 2007

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It was definitely love at first sight.

I met Stephen in September of 2006. We talked everyday for a few weeks and finally decided to meet in October. He flew to see me and spent a week with my son and me. It was definitely love at first sight.
After a week, he went back to Texas (where he was stationed) and began preparation for a deployment to Iraq. We stayed together and kept in touch frequently until he came home on mid-tour leave in April 2007. We spent his 15 days with my family and his and treasured every moment.
After he returned to Iraq, the stress became too much and we broke up for a few months.
But true love always prevails and about a month before his homecoming, we started talking again and both agreed that my son and I should be there for his homecoming.
I arrived just after he did and though I missed the actual homecoming, we couldn't have been more happy to see each other. We're getting married and thanks to Military Singles, because without you guys, I wouldn't have met the man of my dreams. My Superman!


He's my future and I could not be happier.

Well after being divorced for 3 years and having a hard time dating... I joined American Singles, Yahoo Personals, EHarmony, and Match as well as Military... Anyway, I realized that I have that Military personality and needed someone who understood me.... We fell for each other right away after many weeks of talking with 12 hour phone conversations and web-caming on the net.... He is everything I have ever wanted and dreamed of having and thought I would never have.... He's my future and I could not be happier.


I got to know him and he has so much more then good looks.

I came on this site thinking that "ok...I won't find anyone that I can deal with. This whole military thing isn't for me." Then literally a day before I was going to delete my account, this really great guy emailed me. I was like wow...he is HOTT!!!! Then I got to know him and he has so much more then good looks. He's in the Marine Corp and deploying in January. I plan on moving to California when he gets home. This site will take a little longer then you think, but hang in there. Great things will come of it!


I found true love

It was in March 25, 2006 when Kevin sent me his very first email, and I responded. We sent each other smiles and we would email everyday. A month later, we talked on Yahoo messenger and on the phone. We talked at least every other day. It was in August 2006 when he first deployed to Iraq and even then, we would still chat and talked on the phone. Kevin had told me he wanted to see me, but my chances of going to America were very small, so we started making plans for him to fly to the Philippines. We eventually met on July 21, 2007 and spent 9 days together. It was the happiest moment of my life, meeting someone I love and someone who loves me more than anything else. After he got back to the US, we continued to talk and decided to get married. We submitted some paperwork for us to get married in May of 2008. However, on Nov 5, 2007, Kevin was killed in Iraq. We all know my life would never be the same anymore. I am still struggling to move on, but I thank Military Singles Connection for bridging me to meet Kevin, the man I truly love. It is with Kevin, I found true love and a super caring man. Thank you for letting me know him, we may not be able to end up with each other, however, I am still successful knowing him once in my life... I love you forever Kevin R. Bewley; you are always in my heart, MY SWEETS..


Our profile matched us up perfectly

James and I met through Military Singles Connection. We talked back and forth online and via the phone for several months. Finally we met in New Orleans and got married shortly after. Our profile matched us up perfectly and we could not be happier.


She was looking for the same thing I

I just got out of a previous relationship before this. I was looking for someone who is real on the inside and out. I found her and she is not only a good friend, but she is everything that I want. Plus she has a bright future ahead of her and she was looking for the same thing I


She is amazing.

I got online one night, not long ago, and I met the most beautiful girl in whole world. We started chatting and it was like we had known eachother for years. The same night we met we talked on the phone for eight hours!! She is amazing.


We cannot exist without one another

I met a man in this site that I would have never met otherwise. We both took a chance and at first missed one another due to the time difference. I am in the US he is in Belgium, but once we chatted, we found we had many things in common, such as sports, goals and we really clicked. We have since met and know that we cannot exist without one another and are making plans to be together indefinitely.


I found Chad within less than a week

I started searching for someone with my common interest and what not...I had MANY MANY guys message me and IM me and what not, but there was one I had always wanted to talk to. But everytime he tried messaging me it wouldn't let me talk to him...I had a friend I met on here message him and he did and me and Chad started talking we are together and REALLY happy...I found Chad within less than a week and I couldn't be happier.

I'm def. goiong to recommend this site to others


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