Success Stories: 2006

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I love him with all my heart.

Met a wonderful guy who is currently serving for the USAF. He contacted me first. He had no pic on his profile, but he seemed like a genuine person so I decided to talk to him. Soon, we exchanged numbers, he called me and we talked on the phone for several hours a day. We have not yet met but we are engaged and hope to marry as soon as we meet! I love him with all my heart. I would have never thought of meeting someone online.


I met a perfect man of this world.

YES I met a perfect man of this world. He is so good hearted and reputable. So we are dating now. We're gonna get married very soon. His name is bdsb29 derek.

anitashreve & bdsb29

Our Story

It was Valentine's Day 2006 and I was lonely so I decided to look at some dating sites. I liked yours and signed up. I browsed through some profiles and I came across one that seemed so great but I didn't want to email him just yet because I didn't figure he would be interested in me. I looked for about another hour and I kept going back to this one profile. Finally I decided to email him. I sent him the message and he responded almost immediately. We started talking through email everyday because he is in the Navy and he was at sea when we met. When he got back we talked on the phone and we have been together happily ever since! He is the most wonderful man that I have ever met and I am so lucky to know and to have him my life as my other half! Thanks so much for getting us connected!!

Diskerror and Jen_in_Va

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