Thank you so much!!

I had totally given up on finding "the one." A friend that is in the Air Force told me about this site and I thought that I would try it out. I subscribed for only a month, I found this profile that didn't have a picture but the information on it sounded great. So we started talking and a month later we met. The most incredible person I have ever met. Another month later I moved to Tennessee to live with him. We became engaged on Thanksgiving. We found out on Christmas that he would be leaving for Iraq in Febuary. We planned on getting married before he left but he ended up leaving early. So here I am waiting for my man to come back home to me. Without this site I would never have met the man of my dreams!!

**Updated 4/13/05**

Thank you so much!! I met PFC Bell on MSC, about 7 months ago. I picked his profile out of a million, his had no picture. But, the first night we talked online for about 3 hours. We met for the first time about a month after that. I moved to Tennessee to be with him and then in February he left for Iraq. Our wedding date is December 2006. He will be gone for 18 months so I have to plan around that. Thanks again for the congrats, and thank you for helping me find the man of my dreams!!!


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