Thank you for your site!

Thank you for your site! I have met the most awesome guy on here! The first couple of days I was a member, I looked through who was online. I looked for people at Fort Hood since that is where I was moving to soon. One in particular piqued my interest - "GunPilot". The company I was going to work for at Fort Hood just so happened to support the Apache Longbows there, so I was interested in an aviator whom I might have something in common with. I sent him a smile & he sent one back. Over the next few weeks, we played Mingle Mail tag but never were able to chat. It turned out he was an Apache pilot & in one of the units my future employer supported. FINALLY we managed to IM & we stayed on for hours. After that, it was daily IMs & emails. He was smart & quick witted & made me laugh until my sides hurt. He wasn't snotty or stand offish like some other guys in his profession were. We soon developed a routine to where we met online each day. One day, though, he wasn't there. I didn't worry much since an attack aircraft pilot's job is unpredictable. However, that night, I heard that there had been an Apache that crashed at Fort Hood & one of the two pilots was killed, with the other in critical condition. I immediately got on the phone, trying to get a hold of my guy, with no success. Two days later, I learned he WAS NOT the pilot who didn't make it. That gave me some relief, but I was still worried about him & I was getting no answers from anyone. I had sent him several emails that asked for "read receipts" but never got any of them back. One afternoon, I was on the phone with a friend in Perscom, asking about my pilot when I glanced at my computer screen: My inbox was full of read receipts & an email from my pilot! My friend in Perscom thought I was a nut because I squealed & started jumping up & down with the phone! I was so happy to hear that my pilot was OK! It was strange that my pilot & I had known each other for a few weeks now & we were so attached, but we had never talked on the phone. I had given him my number & I had his but I was raised that it wasn't proper for a lady to call a man first to ask for a date. ;) One night, I picked up my cell phone to make a call & saw a number I didn't recognize & saw there was a voice mail. I hadn't even heard my phone ring. My heart melted when I heard the voice on the message! "Hi, Jenn.....this is Les.....I just got done flying & I wanted to talk to you...". I immediately called the number back but got his voice mail. After some phone tag, we ended up FINALLY talking to each other & made plans for me to come visit him. The first weekend we planned for, I had a payroll fiasco at my job & I missed my plane, making sure my employees got paid. The next weekend, however, I pulled into his driveway on a Friday night at almost midnight (after a 6 hour drive in intense thunderstorms!) & got out of my car & was in his waiting arms. The first hug, the first kiss - both we magic. Each one since have all had the same magic if not more of it. We now live on the same cul-de-sac, five houses part, across the street from each other. We see each other every possible moment. Our homes are in the "approach" for both Hood & Gray Army Airfields - my daughter & I watch the Apaches take off & land all through the day & into the late night. She loves knowing it is him flying over & not every woman can say she sees her man pass by in a combat aircraft during his work day/night! :) No, marriage is not in the future for us at any foreseeable time, but a relationship that has brought us both happiness is here to stay. Yes, we have our rough patches, but they are worth every minute of it when I look into his hazel eyes & we hold each other. We are both excited to see where the future takes us! Off to a good start & so far so good. :) Thanks, MSC!

WestTexasRed & GunPilot

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