I wish you will be as lucky as I am

2004 was a rough year, and sadly it looked as if it wasn't going to end any better. Then the day after Christmas I recieved a smile from D. and it's been wonderful ever since. We started talking that night, then every night after that for nothing less then 4 hours. Finally we met in person New Years Day. We instantly had an attraction, despite my shyness. We talked every night after that until the next time we met. Soon it became a weekend event to see one another, and now we make much effort to see one another as much as possible. D. lives in PA and I live in MD. Despite the great possibility of D. being sent back overseas, I can certainly say these have been the best few weeks of my life. He is all I have ever hoped to find in a man, and I will proudly wait here for him to return if it is happens that he is sent back over. I am greatful for this site for giving me the possibility of finding D. He is surely the best thing to ever happen to me, and I look forward to spending many more months to come with him. Thank you for this opportunity to share our success and good luck to those heart broken or those just looking. I wish you will all be as lucky as I am, and find someone as special as my D.


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