I thought I was going to be single for the rest of my life..

I just wanted to write to you and let you know that thanks to your website, I have met my soulmate. Thank you for doing what you do. Here is the story of us:

Just when I had resolved to the fact that I was going to be a single lady for eternity, I stepped out of the box and joined a singles site to see what was out there. I came across the profile of a man with a beautiful smile that brought a smile to my face. I took a chance and although he was stationed in Germany w/ the Air Force and was looking for love in his area, I took a risk and emailed him anyway.

We made an instant connection and after 2 weeks of emailing and talking on the phone for a week, I found myself stepping onto a plane to fly thousands of miles to meet my soulmate in Rome, Italy. Being someone who is very aware of my own safety and never have traveled out of the states, I realized that I was going to a foreign country to meet a "stranger"! Coming from a family of law enforcement, my guy sent my father information for a full background check and the information for him to contact an Officer at the military base.

To my suprise and relief our connection was 100 times stronger! I came home engaged, after a sweet and hilarious proposal done which took place on the Tiber River. A month later, the poor guy was on his way to "Meet The Fockers" at a family dinner in Washington. Many thought I had lost my mind, especially my family, but everyone has fallen instantly in love with him, just as I did.

My husband and I ended up getting married in a very small civil ceremony while he was here and 2 months later we are preparing to start our lives in San Antonio, TX.



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