I noticed but didn't notice

I came to military singles in hope to find someone that I could call my own. I thought that I would just check to see how many people were interested in me. "Havacus", sent me smile after smile. And, I noticed but didn't noticed. But, everyday that I logged on, I had a smile or a card from him. So, I said to myself maybe he is interested. So, I in return sent him a couple of smiles, cards, and also made him my favorite. One day he contacted me through instant messager. We kicked it off real good. I gave him my number and email address and we went from there. We found that we both wanted the same things from each other and that was a plus on both our behalfs so we decided to just go for it and be together. So far, everything is going good and hopefully in the near future things will be even better.

bryantjonte & Havacus

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