Getting married October 05

I met her through your service back in July last year. She is from Panama. We started talking and I was going on a TDY to Ecuador and had a three hours layover there. So, we meet at the airport for coffee and chatted. While on the TDY we remained in contact via messenger and by phone. On the return trip, my flight was cancelled and the airlines rebooked me through Miami instead of Houston--which would have stopped in Panama for several hours. Of course, we were disappointed, but spoke together on the telephone. Upon my
return to the states, we still remained in contact by messenger and phone. I was planning a return trip to Panama, but I got orders to Korea. Finally on the 7 month of my tour there, I was able to take some leave and we met again in Houston for a week. It was wonderful to be with someone who has
the same interests in life and we made a lot of plans together for our future, as two hearts beating as one forever. I am returning to Korea to
finish out my tour there until Sept 05 and will transfer to Robins AFB, just outside Atlanta Georgia. Our plans are to move there together and finally get married in October 05. Your site was so wonderful, I met a lot of nice people, but I believe I have found the true love of my life. Again, thank you for what you have done in my life. I know it was your site's help that made
a difference in my outlook of life. Take care and may other's find the love they need and want forever with your help.


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