After years of being alone

After years of being alone and not really dating, I finally found someone that I know will complete me. I signed on to Military Singles Connection because a friend told me that I was going to die a lonely old lady if I didn't try to find my soulmate. I joined on October 16, 2005 and by October 19, 2005 "caliboy61" responded to a smile I sent. Since that day, we've chatted online and by phone several times a day and have made plans to meet in person in mid-November. I am sad to say that he will be leaving for Iraq shortly after and will be gone for approximately a year, but because he has captured my heart, I will wait with much faith and anticipation for his return. Thank you for being the link to my future with him. We are witnesses to the fact that miracles do happen!

LilGaPeach & caliboy61

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