Success Stories: 2005

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I wish you will be as lucky as I am

2004 was a rough year, and sadly it looked as if it wasn't going to end any better. Then the day after Christmas I recieved a smile from D. and it's been wonderful ever since. We started talking that night, then every night after that for nothing less then 4 hours. Finally we met in person New Years Day. We instantly had an attraction, despite my shyness. We talked every night after that until the next time we met. Soon it became a weekend event to see one another, and now we make much effort to see one another as much as possible. D. lives in PA and I live in MD. Despite the great possibility of D. being sent back overseas, I can certainly say these have been the best few weeks of my life. He is all I have ever hoped to find in a man, and I will proudly wait here for him to return if it is happens that he is sent back over. I am greatful for this site for giving me the possibility of finding D. He is surely the best thing to ever happen to me, and I look forward to spending many more months to come with him. Thank you for this opportunity to share our success and good luck to those heart broken or those just looking. I wish you will all be as lucky as I am, and find someone as special as my D.


Lets hear it for younger men!

Hello. Last year, I signed up for one month. Within 3 weeks, I met 2 really great guys. The one in Alaska I'm trying to find someone else for, but it was the one at Ft. Sill, OK that I fell in love with. After cross country dating, he asked me to marry him. I said yes! Now, I just have to wait until he gets back from Iraq. We would have never met if it wasn't for your site. The wedding will be next year when he gets back, and I'll send you pictures! By the way, I'm 50 and have never been married. He's 47! Let's hear it for younger men!


I found the last piece to my puzzle

I just want to say that I am eternally greatful to you all for helping me find who I am pretty sure is my soulmate! This man is wonderful. His mom and dad should be proud of him for the way they raised him. He is a complete and utter gentleman. A brief history on "US". On January the 12th 2005 I met this incredible man. I was on the verge of giving up and in pops this guy into the local chatroom on the website. He made a silly comment and it took us from there. I spent the next 4 hours getting to know this guy. In talking to him that long I found out that he was leaving Puerto Rico where he is stationed at, and then flying home for leave! Well I found out that he only lived about 5 1/2 hours away from me and thought well maybe I should give him my number--so I did. That way he didn't have a reason not to keep in touch if he wanted to when he went home. Well that night I got a phone call. It was him! I had no idea that I would spend the next hour totally engrossed in our conversation and just getting to know him. It's been almost, close to one month later and we have come so far. I'm flying down to Puerto Rico in April to meet him and I can hardly wait. I think he might be getting a little impatient as well. We both feel strongly about each other and are kind of dumbfounded how this happened. We never expected to find anything more than a friend. I myself had given up. Because of a close friend of this guy, he decided to join the website. As soon as he joined and came into the room that was it. He didn't realize that he was talking to the first and last person on this website.
I can't thank you enough for this site. It has helped me find My soulmate, my bestfriend, my companion, my everything. I had my deep doubts about doing something like this. You know, trying out an online dating service. I'm glad I did. I'm about one of the most level headed people around but for some reason what Him and I have is something that feels so right and so perfect. I feel like we've known each other for so long and it's just taken a lifetime to get back together!! I've questioned my feelings if they are right or true and I think they are, in fact I know they are. I am an adult and I know when I lust after someone, or I have infatuation for someone, or I love someone, and it is right now neither of the first two, I know that it is Love that I feel for this man. I just don't like to throw that word around. I feel so much and I can't put it into words. Thank you MSC for helping restore my beautiful, glowing smile back to my face and brightening my life just a little more now! Thank you again for helping me find the things I never knew that I always wanted in that one special person!!! I found my Soulmate!!! I found the last piece to my puzzle and we fit perfectly together!!! THANK YOU!!!



I said YES!

I met my soulmate on the MSC website in December of 2003. We chatted for a few weeks and then lost touch with each other. In July of 2004 we found each other once again. This time we talked forever on the phone and on the IM. In September we knew that we had to meet face to face and he flew to my hometown. After 3 days of just being with each other he asked me to marry him and of course I said YES! We said our vows on 12 November 2004 and we couldn't be happier. We always joke about how we owe it to the MSC website for bringing us together. Thank you so much for keeping the website a safe way to meet friends, lovers, and soulmates. We just wanted to send a short note of how our lives were touched by this site and share the happiness that started right here on


She is the universe surrounding my world.

As of February 7,2005, it will be six months since I met T. She has changed my world completely. I seriously came into this web site to make friends while I was deployed here in Iraq. I had no intentions of meeting anyone, or falling in love. T has showed me how it is to be loved all over again. She is the universe surrounding my world. When I get home from my tour, in which she has stuck by me this entire time, I am going to ask her to be my wife. I want to thank a good friend for telling me about this site and I also want to send a big kudos to Military Singles.

**UPDATED July 11, 2005**
It has been a while since I have logged on here, the reason for that is because I have found the right woman for me. As of August 7, 2004, I was in Iraq when i met my T. She had stuck by my side every single day that I was there. We talked about anything and everything under the moon. I came home March 11, 2005. She had flown in from her home state to texas, where I had to be processed out. I surprised her at the airport. Don't get me wrong, when I first met her online, that was the best day of my life. But, my life in this world had flipped when I met her at the airport. From there on, we hit it off. We had talked about getting married, but really didn't have a date. Once I met her family, I knew again that it was fate that brought us together. I later took her to meet my sister and that's when we made arrangements to get married. We got married April 2, 2005. It is now July 9, 2005 and we are still going strong. As she has stated to me, "god blessed the broken road that led me straight to her". I am so glad that MSC has this page to where others like myself can share their success stories. To each and all, I wish you the best of luck in finding the right one for you, lord knows that I have. God bless, take care. Once again, thanks to Military Singles Connection.


A New Life Together With My Best Friend!!!

A New Life Together With My Best Friend!!!

Talk about a really Happy New Year!!! I don't know how to explain this, but I'll try my best. I met someone through MSC and we've actually been talking to one another for almost a year now. Actually, I sent him the first smile without even thinking he would get back to me but I was glad that he did. We took it from there and now here we are, planning and making the most important decision of our lives!!! At first, I don't know how many times I kinda just let it go into one ear and out the other the many many times he's mentioned to me that he wants to marry me. We had a really long conversation about this and it finally dawned on me that he is really serious and this is what we want! We have many many things in common with one another, about many things and both as individuals and our thoughts on family which is very good! It did not really sink in until he proposed to me again on New Year's Eve. We developed a more serious relationship after we started out as being friends. See, I'm naturally cautious so I asked the same question over and over again. I started to realize that he wasn't going to give up on me and that he loves me very much. He knows that I love him too. So, to keep him in a little suspense, I told him I would think about it without giving him any answers. New Year's Day came and we began 2005 together with me saying Yes!!! We are waiting for him to come home, at least on leave, so we can get married. Thanks!!!


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