Success Stories: 2005

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These sites really work

When I signed onto Military Singles Connection, I didn't think I would find love anytime soon. This was of course until my fiance came into the picture. We met months and months after talking and we hit it off greatly. Although we're both living across the world we go out of our way to travel to each other once a month or maybe more. We're now engaged and getting married in July. I think these sites really work if you're a really honest person and looking for love.


I never knew love could be so fullfilling

I would like to just tell the entire world about the most amazing man that I have ever met. I can admit I am a skeptic at times and the online dating thing was the last place I figured I would meet my soulmate. But it happened when I least expected it.

I met an incredible person whom I could see spending the rest of my life with. If it wasn't for MSC I would never have met the person that was created for me.

I knew within the first hour of chatting online that this person was very special. After our first night of talking all night, I knew, in my heart, he was meant for me. I can not imagine my life without him now that I have him. He is currently stationed in Japan and when he finally comes home to the US, we will both be truly happy. I feel so incredibly complete and filled with so much happiness. I never knew love could be so fullfilling till I met him.


I thought I was going to be single for the rest of my life..

I just wanted to write to you and let you know that thanks to your website, I have met my soulmate. Thank you for doing what you do. Here is the story of us:

Just when I had resolved to the fact that I was going to be a single lady for eternity, I stepped out of the box and joined a singles site to see what was out there. I came across the profile of a man with a beautiful smile that brought a smile to my face. I took a chance and although he was stationed in Germany w/ the Air Force and was looking for love in his area, I took a risk and emailed him anyway.

We made an instant connection and after 2 weeks of emailing and talking on the phone for a week, I found myself stepping onto a plane to fly thousands of miles to meet my soulmate in Rome, Italy. Being someone who is very aware of my own safety and never have traveled out of the states, I realized that I was going to a foreign country to meet a "stranger"! Coming from a family of law enforcement, my guy sent my father information for a full background check and the information for him to contact an Officer at the military base.

To my suprise and relief our connection was 100 times stronger! I came home engaged, after a sweet and hilarious proposal done which took place on the Tiber River. A month later, the poor guy was on his way to "Meet The Fockers" at a family dinner in Washington. Many thought I had lost my mind, especially my family, but everyone has fallen instantly in love with him, just as I did.

My husband and I ended up getting married in a very small civil ceremony while he was here and 2 months later we are preparing to start our lives in San Antonio, TX.



You'll find who you're looking for.

He is an officer in the Navy. We met in February and fell in love at first sight. We got married on June 10th, two months after we met, and we're having our first addition to the family at the end of January. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me! Keep it up everyone, you'll find who you're looking for.


They might be online waiting to meet you

He contacted me through instant messenger while I was at work. We chatted for a while that day and decided that we would like to continue it so when I finished my watch, I got online and we chatted for a few hours that night. From that night on we chatted every night. We exchanged numbers about a week later. Then, two weeks after our first chat, we decided to meet in person, which was kind of hard considering we lived about three hours away from each other. In the beginning, I was just really looking for friends since I was getting out of the Navy. He wasn't really actively looking for someone either. We had seen each other on webcam and I just thought he was SO sexy, I just had to meet him. So, I made the big move and went down there. When he came up to my hotel door to pick me up I was in total AWE. What I dreamed of every night for my dream man to be was standing right in front of me. From that weekend on, we have not missed a weekend together. That was almost three months ago. We were both true believers that love did exist, just maybe not for us. Well we are now true believers in "Love at First Sight". We have no doubt in our minds that we have found the person we are supposed to be with. We have found our "soulmates". We have surprised everyone in our lives with our great news and we wanted to share it with everyone on this site. We are the last people you would ever imagine jumping into anything. We get married in less than a week (June 11). We couldn't be any happier than what we are right now, our families are even happier for us. So if there is anyone who is hesitant about meeting someone online--Don't Be! You never know where that person is and they just might be online waiting to meet you.

** UPDATE 07/09/06 *** I just wanted to update everyone on our story. Cpen and I got married on June 11 05 and welcomed our new son on March 3 of this year. I will always be grateful to this website for helping my husband and I find each other. True love does exist you just have to be willing to try new things and get hurt a few times. In the end it all works out . Thank you Military singles for finding the love of my life. We are one year and counting. Every day seems like its our first we still look at eachother like it's the first time we have ever seen the other person. I still get nervous when he comes home from work just like a high school girl going on her first date. Please to who ever may read this don't give up your someone is out there you just need to hold on a little bit longer.


Thank you so much!!

I had totally given up on finding "the one." A friend that is in the Air Force told me about this site and I thought that I would try it out. I subscribed for only a month, I found this profile that didn't have a picture but the information on it sounded great. So we started talking and a month later we met. The most incredible person I have ever met. Another month later I moved to Tennessee to live with him. We became engaged on Thanksgiving. We found out on Christmas that he would be leaving for Iraq in Febuary. We planned on getting married before he left but he ended up leaving early. So here I am waiting for my man to come back home to me. Without this site I would never have met the man of my dreams!!

**Updated 4/13/05**

Thank you so much!! I met PFC Bell on MSC, about 7 months ago. I picked his profile out of a million, his had no picture. But, the first night we talked online for about 3 hours. We met for the first time about a month after that. I moved to Tennessee to be with him and then in February he left for Iraq. Our wedding date is December 2006. He will be gone for 18 months so I have to plan around that. Thanks again for the congrats, and thank you for helping me find the man of my dreams!!!


This is only the beginning!

When I joined this site, I was just curious to how it worked. To be honest, my roommate and I were looking for some school stuff online and ran into this website, she talked me into creating a profile. I met some really interesting people, and some good friends who I still keep in touch with now. But, what I did not expect to find was the great man that I'm with now. He is more than I could have ever hoped for. We got to know each other on the phone for a couple of weeks before meeting in person, the day he came up to visit me we were both mesmerized! We have been together ever since. We have shared many happy moments, we have gone through some tough situations, and yet we are still together. Though we have only been together for 4 months, it seems like I've known him all my life. We were meant to be. This is only the beginning! Thank you MSC!!


Felt naturally that he is the one

My user name was "urijuri1016" and his username was "kotu1". When I read his essay I just felt naturally that he was the one. I just felt very comfortable. I sent a smile to him and started to talk to him. There is a time difference between Tokyo and Boston, but it did not matter. We have been talking almost 7 months now. I am really happy I met him. We will meet for real very soon. I just want to say `Thank you` to this site.

urijuri1016 & kotu1

It took off

I am a very happy woman today and will be for the rest of my life. Because of your site, I have found the man of my dreams. He is an incredible person and most of all he loves me for me. I met "rodeocwby" by sending him a smile after I'd seen that he checked out my profile. He replied back with a smile, so I proceeded with emailing him. It took off from there. We have so much in common and are making plans to see one another. Thank you Military Singles, I am grateful to you for bringing us together.


rodeocwby & Sentriclover

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