Success Stories: 2005

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Engaged and getting married next summer

Thank you Military Singles Connection from "balletchick" and "watchchief" for bringing us together. We have found our soulmate in each other and are now engaged and getting married next summer. Neither of us really believed that meeting people online could really work. We were only members for about 3 months. As soon as we met online, I knew right away he was the one! And, when we met in person, it was re-confirmed. I never knew someone so amazing and special even existed and there he was online!! Without web dating services, we would have never met! Thanks!

"Watchchief" and "balletchick" met online in late August 2005. We had both been members only since July. We only chatted briefly a couple times and then something would come between us, we would lose contact, then later he would pop up again. This happened a few times and we never chatted long enough to really get a feel for each other. We even tried to meet a couple times just for casual friendship but it fell through. But there was something about each other that kept us re-contacting again and again. Then we discovered that there were no more windows of opportunity in the weeks before he deployed to Iraq to be able to meet. He was very disappointed and said he really wanted to meet me but that if I was still single when he got back, we could meet then. We hadn't connected yet anyways so I said good-bye and good luck and told him that it wasn't meant to be. Then Friday night in Early Sept. I saw him pop online after he was supposed to be gone! Turns out he took emergency leave to go to his Grandmother's funeral several states away. We connected, truly connected, for the first time. We chatted a long long time and instantly felt a connection. We had both, up to this point been chatting with many other contacts on a regular basis. We even had met a few. They were very nice but just didn't do it for us. Then that night we made that connection online. There was something different, something very intriguing, something deeper than what had transpired with anyone else. The next day he called on the phone for the first time and that pretty much sealed the deal. From that moment on, we were on the phone constantly and already knew this was it before the weekend was up. It was all we could do to not say "I love you" over the phone. Things were moving so fast and so intensely that we wanted to at least meet in person to make sure this was real. We were able to finally arrange a meeting on Saturday, October 8th. That was the longest 8 hour drive he has ever made. That day, we knew, we looked into each other's eyes and said the magic words. Two days later, he took me to the jewelry store and got me a huge engagment ring! We told all our online contacts goodbye. Two weeks later, he came back and asked my parents permission for my hand in marriage. The next day we left to drive accross several states to meet all his family where the funeral was and on the way in the car, we stopped at a beautiful overlook in the great smokey mountains and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. We are getting married on our anniversary of our first meeting. October, 7 (the 8th is on a sunday) 2006. He is now in Iraq and I get love letters from him every day. He returns in May. We are both in our 30s and have been married before and dated before but we both know in our hearts that this is unique and like nothing we have ever experienced. We have never been in love like this. Never knew something like this was possible or even existed.

I Thank God for many things, for bringing us together by perfect timing of events such as: our exes dumping us when they did, for Military Singles Connection to be there and for us to sign up on it at the same time. For his grandmother dying just in time to stop him from being deployed giving us that one more chance. Had she not passed away, he would have went over seas and I would never have seen him online again and therefore probably met someone else and never had the happiness he and I share. Thank GOD for Military Singles Connection because that is how we connected. Without it, I would never have found him. The man of my dreams. We are so in love and cannot wait to start our life together. I never believed in online dating. I thought it was just for losers but I met so many really super nice men who will make great partners to the right person. I didn't meet any losers. The website really did allow me to meet a lot of very nice guys in a very short time. It is easy to get to know them online. Easier than I would have ever thought. And of the 3 military sites I was a member of, this one was by far the best and the one I recommend to everyone, I still think it is the best for meeting people.

Thank you for allowing us to share our story and thank you for being there and being so progressive.

balletchick & watchchief

I am forever thankful

At a friend's urging, I joined this site to make new friends. Instead, I made an amazing connection with someone who ultimately became my husband this past weekend on October 1, 2005. Like anything successful, nothing is worthwhile without falling every once in awhile. This only made our relationship stronger and meaningful; it paved a lifelong commitment to one another. If anything, we're grateful that this site has provided an opportunity for those of us to meet people of all walks of life and, if lucky, 'the one'. I am one of the lucky ones, and for this, I am forever thankful.


Thank you for your site!

Thank you for your site! I have met the most awesome guy on here! The first couple of days I was a member, I looked through who was online. I looked for people at Fort Hood since that is where I was moving to soon. One in particular piqued my interest - "GunPilot". The company I was going to work for at Fort Hood just so happened to support the Apache Longbows there, so I was interested in an aviator whom I might have something in common with. I sent him a smile & he sent one back. Over the next few weeks, we played Mingle Mail tag but never were able to chat. It turned out he was an Apache pilot & in one of the units my future employer supported. FINALLY we managed to IM & we stayed on for hours. After that, it was daily IMs & emails. He was smart & quick witted & made me laugh until my sides hurt. He wasn't snotty or stand offish like some other guys in his profession were. We soon developed a routine to where we met online each day. One day, though, he wasn't there. I didn't worry much since an attack aircraft pilot's job is unpredictable. However, that night, I heard that there had been an Apache that crashed at Fort Hood & one of the two pilots was killed, with the other in critical condition. I immediately got on the phone, trying to get a hold of my guy, with no success. Two days later, I learned he WAS NOT the pilot who didn't make it. That gave me some relief, but I was still worried about him & I was getting no answers from anyone. I had sent him several emails that asked for "read receipts" but never got any of them back. One afternoon, I was on the phone with a friend in Perscom, asking about my pilot when I glanced at my computer screen: My inbox was full of read receipts & an email from my pilot! My friend in Perscom thought I was a nut because I squealed & started jumping up & down with the phone! I was so happy to hear that my pilot was OK! It was strange that my pilot & I had known each other for a few weeks now & we were so attached, but we had never talked on the phone. I had given him my number & I had his but I was raised that it wasn't proper for a lady to call a man first to ask for a date. ;) One night, I picked up my cell phone to make a call & saw a number I didn't recognize & saw there was a voice mail. I hadn't even heard my phone ring. My heart melted when I heard the voice on the message! "Hi, Jenn.....this is Les.....I just got done flying & I wanted to talk to you...". I immediately called the number back but got his voice mail. After some phone tag, we ended up FINALLY talking to each other & made plans for me to come visit him. The first weekend we planned for, I had a payroll fiasco at my job & I missed my plane, making sure my employees got paid. The next weekend, however, I pulled into his driveway on a Friday night at almost midnight (after a 6 hour drive in intense thunderstorms!) & got out of my car & was in his waiting arms. The first hug, the first kiss - both we magic. Each one since have all had the same magic if not more of it. We now live on the same cul-de-sac, five houses part, across the street from each other. We see each other every possible moment. Our homes are in the "approach" for both Hood & Gray Army Airfields - my daughter & I watch the Apaches take off & land all through the day & into the late night. She loves knowing it is him flying over & not every woman can say she sees her man pass by in a combat aircraft during his work day/night! :) No, marriage is not in the future for us at any foreseeable time, but a relationship that has brought us both happiness is here to stay. Yes, we have our rough patches, but they are worth every minute of it when I look into his hazel eyes & we hold each other. We are both excited to see where the future takes us! Off to a good start & so far so good. :) Thanks, MSC!

WestTexasRed & GunPilot

So grateful for MSC

I met "falconsix" on here a while ago, and we've talked every night ever since we met. It started out casual. He's in CA and I'm in MI. I was a bit hesitant. But, I'm glad I've met him. He's the greatest thing in the world to me. He came to visit a couple of weeks ago, and we had the greatest time. I'll be going to a Marine Corp ball with him in November. He's truly a blessing in my life. Thank you soooo much for bringing us together.

classy_n_sassy & falconsix

We've been together now for 8 months!

We've been together now for 8 months! I am soo happy to have found this man. We both joined MSC out of curiosity, little did we know that we were going to meet the love we both had been searching for so long. He's leaving for Iraq in 2 weeks, but you better believe I'll be waiting with my "Welcome Home" poster. This is the man the Lord had for me and I couldnt thank MSC enough!


Thanks to MSC.

Hey there. I just want to thank MSC. If it wasn't for this site, I still wouldn't have found my man. It started out as just a simple smile, then to a simple instant message, and from there on we clicked. We talked for hours and hours, then it went to the phone. And, OMG, I think I nearly talked his ear off, lol. But, I'm sure he thinks it's all worth it and now we can't wait for that big day which will be real soon. It doesn't matter where your soul partner is--if it's meant to be then it's meant to be. And, this was meant to be. Thanks to MSC. Words can't say how happy we both are for this site.


Well, it happened!!

Well, it happened!! On Christmas Eve 2004, I met the woman of my dreams, even though neither of us was looking for anything more than a friendly face to talk to. I was stationed in South Korea and she was in Wisconsin. When it came time for me to rotate out of Korea in March 2005, we met for the first time. We are now engaged and we're getting married in May 2006.


Getting married October 05

I met her through your service back in July last year. She is from Panama. We started talking and I was going on a TDY to Ecuador and had a three hours layover there. So, we meet at the airport for coffee and chatted. While on the TDY we remained in contact via messenger and by phone. On the return trip, my flight was cancelled and the airlines rebooked me through Miami instead of Houston--which would have stopped in Panama for several hours. Of course, we were disappointed, but spoke together on the telephone. Upon my
return to the states, we still remained in contact by messenger and phone. I was planning a return trip to Panama, but I got orders to Korea. Finally on the 7 month of my tour there, I was able to take some leave and we met again in Houston for a week. It was wonderful to be with someone who has
the same interests in life and we made a lot of plans together for our future, as two hearts beating as one forever. I am returning to Korea to
finish out my tour there until Sept 05 and will transfer to Robins AFB, just outside Atlanta Georgia. Our plans are to move there together and finally get married in October 05. Your site was so wonderful, I met a lot of nice people, but I believe I have found the true love of my life. Again, thank you for what you have done in my life. I know it was your site's help that made
a difference in my outlook of life. Take care and may other's find the love they need and want forever with your help.


I noticed but didn't notice

I came to military singles in hope to find someone that I could call my own. I thought that I would just check to see how many people were interested in me. "Havacus", sent me smile after smile. And, I noticed but didn't noticed. But, everyday that I logged on, I had a smile or a card from him. So, I said to myself maybe he is interested. So, I in return sent him a couple of smiles, cards, and also made him my favorite. One day he contacted me through instant messager. We kicked it off real good. I gave him my number and email address and we went from there. We found that we both wanted the same things from each other and that was a plus on both our behalfs so we decided to just go for it and be together. So far, everything is going good and hopefully in the near future things will be even better.

bryantjonte & Havacus

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