Success Stories: 2005

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So far it's been really really good.

I met Ryan one day while I was browsin on MSC. He sent me a smile and then and there I sent one back. A couple of days later, we finally spoke and from that moment on I knew we would get along really well. He's got a good sense of humor and he tells it how it is. A R E A L man. After a few days of talking we found out that we had shared the same interests. Then he drove up fourteen hours to come see me for Christmas with my family and I. It was kind of nerve wrecking but I was really excited to see him. So far it's been really really good.

Thanks to MSC and Good Luck to All, I hope you find what you're looking for.


I think I have found the one

Never thought I would do something like this since I work in the military with lots of guys. But, I never met my complete match, until now. We both started out like lots of others exchanging smiles and cards, and then we IMed some. We just got that instant connection, and now we talk almost every day, either by chatting or phoning. He is my perfect match in everything! We both like sailing and adventourus stuff, and we have the same views of life and the same sense of humor. In three weeks I will travel all the way from Norway to Germany, just to be with him for a weekend, then we`ll take it from there. But as it seems now, I think I have found the one I would like to grow old with. Thank you!


I wouldn't have even met him

I have found him - my dream come true. Little did I know, he grew up in the next town. I wouldn't have even met him had it not been for Military Singles Connection.


We'll finally meet for the first time

I met Angel about 5 months ago, and we have been in contact ever since. We'll finally meet for the first time this Christmas. Thank you for setting up this wonderful site that has helped me find happiness!


I have met someone

I have met someone that I will be meeting in person next month and he is so sweet and thoughtful and makes me believe in love again! We talk every night on the phone - he is in Fort Carson and he is eleven years younger than me - but he loves me for all my faults and wants to be with me!! I did not think I could seriously meet someone on this website that would be what I wanted or needed in my life - but I have and I just want to believe that real love is possible for me and for anyone else out there that is honest and good! I will always pray for the good military men on this site and hope they will be lucky enough to meet someone like me and know what it is to be truly happy and loved!! Thank you Military Singles!!


Met someone on this site, who makes me happy

Met someone on this site, who makes me happy. I am looking forward to spending more time with him. And, taking it as far as it will go!!!!


Maybe call it destiny or the unexpected!

I met someone here on your MSC site. I have so much to say, but I am going to be brief. After being here as a member on this site, I believe that I finally found someone. I am grateful. We are talking and planning on taking it to the next level. That's it for now. Thanks Military Singles!


After years of being alone

After years of being alone and not really dating, I finally found someone that I know will complete me. I signed on to Military Singles Connection because a friend told me that I was going to die a lonely old lady if I didn't try to find my soulmate. I joined on October 16, 2005 and by October 19, 2005 "caliboy61" responded to a smile I sent. Since that day, we've chatted online and by phone several times a day and have made plans to meet in person in mid-November. I am sad to say that he will be leaving for Iraq shortly after and will be gone for approximately a year, but because he has captured my heart, I will wait with much faith and anticipation for his return. Thank you for being the link to my future with him. We are witnesses to the fact that miracles do happen!

LilGaPeach & caliboy61

Always follow your gut feelings.

Just when I was about to give up hope, there he was, my Knight In Shinning Armor. I wasn't going to get on but something told me to. I decided to see if any new members had come on and that's when I came across his profile. I laughed when I read it. He brought the biggest smile to my face. I liked that he spoke his mind and had a good sense of humor. I told myself to go for it, so I emailed him - not thinking that I would get a response back. Boy, was I wrong. He emailed back right then and there. Since then, we have been emailing each other and he even called me a couple of times. Who would have thought that we would have hit it off. Now I can say that we are offically together and we have made plans that when he gets back that he is coming to see me. Always follow your gut feelings. Things happen for a reason, so don't give up hope. Thank god I didn't cause if I did, than I wouldn't have met him.


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