you gave me my white knight!!!!

I want to sat thank you!! Well, I found him! He is stationed in Iraq right now, we have been talking since October. Both of us got our hearts broken on the same day! No joke. I thought I wouldn't be able to find someone to compare to my ex fiance', but I was so wrong, the ex doesn't even compare to him!! We have so much in common, I never thought I could laugh so hard in my life! He is in the army reserves, so he is coming home for good in March! Our birthdays are two days apart! We both love kareoke, are you kidding me!! He always talks about our first date and I cant wait for that day that we met face to face. I have seen him on web cam and he has seen me and we have talked on the phone, I love it! Whenever I hear anything about the war, I freakout and think of him and get to a computer right away just to tell him to be safe and that I am thinking of him!!! This site is the best way to meet someone because you have to know them as a person first because that's all you can do! So, to know him as a friend first has made all the difference in the world. Did I think it was possible to really find someone on here? No, I sure didn't, but you proved me wrong, and I thank you for that. Nothing is set in stone right now but it's so good the way we are towards each other and the fact that his hometown in six hours away is a plus!!! So, I have to say thank you for putting up with me time and time again because you have done something incredible, you gave me my white knight!! To this site I am forever grateful!!!


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