It began with an Instant Message

I was on the site, and he instant messaged me, going to make fun of me because I was going to go Air Force. Then we started talking about different things regarding AF and Marines, etc. etc. I told him I wasn't sure if I was going to go because of school, family, work, etc. Then he was sent to Virginia for SWAT school from Seattle, Washington. Before he left he said he'd try to call me sometime the following week. About 2 hours later he called me and we talked before he got on the plane. Once he was there for like 2 weeks, we started talking more seriously. I decided one day I was going to drive to VA since he wasn't allowed to travel outside of the state. I left on a Friday night at 1600 and arrived at Annex at 0730 on Saturday morning. We basically spent the morning laying in our hotel room talking, etc. It was really awesome, and things just kinda started rolling from there. :)


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