I truly care about him.

I came on this dating website, because my true intentions were to meet guys and possibly become friends with some of them and hopefuly in the end, become involved with one of them. I met alot of really good guys on this website but nothing became of it. Then, when I was ready to give up, I received an email from a really great guy, who was down to earth, had a great attitude, was really good looking in my eyes, and wasn't full of himself. He wasn't a pretty boy and he wasn't jealous because I had some good friends who were guys, but then I totally accepted that, anyways for close to two to two and a half months we talked, and finally decided to meet up. Anyways, I flew up to Kentucky and we got to know one another, spent alot of time together and got to see each others weaknesses and strengths. By that time, it was time to fly back, it was too hard to say good bye, finally I got on the plane and still thought about him. He is coming out in the later part of Jan/early Feb of next year and then going up in April 05, and then the possible talk of moving in. I truly care about him. He has been there for me even before we were together. About 8 months ago, I lost my best friend (a guy that I truly loved alot and cared about alot). I had also known this guy for like a little over five years. He has been there for me in many ways, even before and of course now, I see many good things happening and many other good things happening in the next three to three and half years for both of us. I never thought but once again when your aren't looking love will always come to you. Remember you can get to know someone on here and immediately think wow, I like this guy-- but become friends first. I mean I met someone on here and thought the same thing the first time and boom it hit me where I ended up getting hurt, but after a month or so, I figured I will give it another try. And so I got back on and now I have a great guy who I am hoping to make things work with

**UPDATED APRIL 14, 2006**
(a year and four months later)
Update: We are still together, and we will continue to be together forever.

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