Success Stories: 2004

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I have found what I am looking for

I just wanted to thank you to this site. If it was not for this site I would have NEVER met my sweetie. He was on here at one point untill he deleted his profile because he, as he put it, "I have found what I was looking for." So I just want to say THANK YOU!! We are moving to Parris Island in a few weeks when he gets back from Iraq! SO THANK YOU, your Military Single Site is wonderful!


The most incredible man

I just wanted you to know that I think this site has really helped people to find and meet new friends and has created many relationships. I know several people on here who are now in a relationship directly because of this opportunity. This includes myself. I have met the most incredible man on here and it has made a difference in my life like you couldn't possibly imagine. Thank you for this opportunity. I have also made several friends as well which is just as important. Those serving this country, especially overseas, do not always have the opportunity to meet people and this is a wonderful option. Thank you very much.


Las Vegas here we come!

I met him on Military Singles. He is in the Marines and is stationed in Okinawa. Next week, he'll be coming out to see me. We plan to go to Las Vegas to get married. Then, I will be joining him in Okinawa. Again, thank you so very much.


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