Success Stories: 2004

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long distance relationships really work

For all who are curious,

Many people are skeptical about meeting someone online who could eventually be their soulmate. It is a scary adventure, I must admit, but it's well worth it in the end.

I first joined MSC a little over a year ago and proceeded to meet and get to know a few friendly faces here and there. Nothing serious happened at first and I figured that it was just a great social place, not really somewhere that I would find my "other half". All of that changed on Dec. 29, 2003 when I was browsing through the photo gallery looking for new faces to pop out at me. And there he was! Drop dead handsome and wow, I had to see what he was all about. It seemed as though my dial up connection took forever to load his profile information. I couldn't read his paragraphs fast enough. Now, let me pause in the middle of our story to mention the fact that I am a highly picky person when it comes to potential boyfriends etc. But, everything that this young man wrote just reached out of my computer screen and pulled me closer. So, I took a leap of faith and sent him a silly little note asking him to check out my profile in return. WOW! Who would have imagined that the two of us would eventually meet, he at the time was in Japan and I lived all the way across the world in California. God had a plan and here I am one whole year later to the day writing about the most amazing year I have had with this guy.

A lot of people think that long distance relationships never work out. Well, the only thing I have to say is that they can work if both people truly want them to. When you have someone so caring and sweet, like him, you have no fears of betrayal, and although the time you do get to spend together may be short it's a whole lot sweeter because you start to appreciate the little things you would normally take for granted if that person was living closer to you.

So, to all those lonely people out there--don't give up, it takes time and when both of you are ready, God will bring you together like he did with me and the love of my life. It has been a year filled with love and I thank him for being the man that he is. I love you Babe. MSC, thank you for bringing soulmates together. Without this site I would be without my "other half"....

Forever In Love,
"soundstream03" & "bluegirl209"

soundstream03 & bluegirl209

you gave me my white knight!!!!

I want to sat thank you!! Well, I found him! He is stationed in Iraq right now, we have been talking since October. Both of us got our hearts broken on the same day! No joke. I thought I wouldn't be able to find someone to compare to my ex fiance', but I was so wrong, the ex doesn't even compare to him!! We have so much in common, I never thought I could laugh so hard in my life! He is in the army reserves, so he is coming home for good in March! Our birthdays are two days apart! We both love kareoke, are you kidding me!! He always talks about our first date and I cant wait for that day that we met face to face. I have seen him on web cam and he has seen me and we have talked on the phone, I love it! Whenever I hear anything about the war, I freakout and think of him and get to a computer right away just to tell him to be safe and that I am thinking of him!!! This site is the best way to meet someone because you have to know them as a person first because that's all you can do! So, to know him as a friend first has made all the difference in the world. Did I think it was possible to really find someone on here? No, I sure didn't, but you proved me wrong, and I thank you for that. Nothing is set in stone right now but it's so good the way we are towards each other and the fact that his hometown in six hours away is a plus!!! So, I have to say thank you for putting up with me time and time again because you have done something incredible, you gave me my white knight!! To this site I am forever grateful!!!


I truly care about him.

I came on this dating website, because my true intentions were to meet guys and possibly become friends with some of them and hopefuly in the end, become involved with one of them. I met alot of really good guys on this website but nothing became of it. Then, when I was ready to give up, I received an email from a really great guy, who was down to earth, had a great attitude, was really good looking in my eyes, and wasn't full of himself. He wasn't a pretty boy and he wasn't jealous because I had some good friends who were guys, but then I totally accepted that, anyways for close to two to two and a half months we talked, and finally decided to meet up. Anyways, I flew up to Kentucky and we got to know one another, spent alot of time together and got to see each others weaknesses and strengths. By that time, it was time to fly back, it was too hard to say good bye, finally I got on the plane and still thought about him. He is coming out in the later part of Jan/early Feb of next year and then going up in April 05, and then the possible talk of moving in. I truly care about him. He has been there for me even before we were together. About 8 months ago, I lost my best friend (a guy that I truly loved alot and cared about alot). I had also known this guy for like a little over five years. He has been there for me in many ways, even before and of course now, I see many good things happening and many other good things happening in the next three to three and half years for both of us. I never thought but once again when your aren't looking love will always come to you. Remember you can get to know someone on here and immediately think wow, I like this guy-- but become friends first. I mean I met someone on here and thought the same thing the first time and boom it hit me where I ended up getting hurt, but after a month or so, I figured I will give it another try. And so I got back on and now I have a great guy who I am hoping to make things work with

**UPDATED APRIL 14, 2006**
(a year and four months later)
Update: We are still together, and we will continue to be together forever.

cagurl and hill 47632001

We became engaged...

I wanted to thank you for introducing me to my fiance'.

I saw his profile on here. And, I sent him a smile. We started chatting. 3 weeks after we started chatting, we became engaged. All I am waiting for is for him to come home in October of this coming year. I'm going to marry him as soon as he gets back from Iraq.

Thanks MSC

bigbody and singingirly1984

What a phenomenal lady.

Thank you for this site. My Navy job just took me to the Great Lakes, where I had the privilege of running a division of recruits through their graduation exercise. It also allowed me to finally meet "destine4dreams" in person for the first time! We have been talking here and on the phone for a while now, and WOW. What a phenomenal lady. If YOU didn't create this site, then she and I would have missed each other. And that would have been tragic!

Thank you so much.

houseboatguy & destine4dreams

he was off to find our new home

I did get married. I married "Commoking82". We got married on August 28th, 2004 in my home town of Richland, WA. It was an awesome ceremony. He is an amazing guy we are now living in Ft. Sill, OK getting our life together.

How it started--well we talked online for about a month and then moved to phone conversations. I felt like I had found my soul mate. He was scheduled to come home from his current station in Korea on March 17th, 2004 so during those 6 months until he would be coming home and we would meet face to face, we spent the time getting to know every detail of each others lives. We had planned that he would come home and spend 2 weeks with me and my family, then I would go back to Maryland with him and meet his family for two weeks. It was great, his family was amazing. They welcomed me with open arms. The four weeks flew by. On the last night we were in Maryland, which was April 13th, we went to dinner, we were driving and the rain was pouring down. He suddenly pulled over and said to get out of the car, I was like "What the heck? What's wrong?" I got out and he held out this beautiful solitaire diamond ring and said that from the moment he met me he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Then he asked me to marry him! I was just standing there soaking wet laughing, I was like omg omg!! Yes I will! Well then we went and ate and then we went back to his home to share the great news, of course eveyrone already knew but me. So we flew home and he got to stay 3 more days at my house with my family and then headed off to Korea. It was the hardest good bye ever, you never know when you are going to find that special person and to have to put them on a 17 hour flight back to a foreign country just pulls at your heart.

But, the next day I was so excited. I had to plan a wedding in 4 months. Crazy crazy times, thank god for friends. But, it all came together. The dress, the flowers, the tuxes, everything was amazing. It was hard for my fiance because he was so far away that he couldn't really help too much. But, it was ok, I had fun. Well, he finally flew back in on August 17th, he only had until Sept. 1st to report to Ft. Sill. So, we spent the next 2 weeks finalizing our wedding plans and picking out wedding bands--all the fun stuff. We also attended my cousins wedding on August 21st which was nice.

August 28th, 2004 finally arrived. Our wedding was scheduled for 7:00pm which meant an all day crazy time for me and my girls. But, it was all worth it when the clock hit 7 and it was time. Everything was perfect. His father is an Episcopal Minister so he was our efficient for the ceremony which made it even more special. After the ceremony we hit the golf course for a huge fun fun fun fun reception! It was a night to never forget, exactly how I imagined it.

ArmyPrincess & Commoking82

It began with an Instant Message

I was on the site, and he instant messaged me, going to make fun of me because I was going to go Air Force. Then we started talking about different things regarding AF and Marines, etc. etc. I told him I wasn't sure if I was going to go because of school, family, work, etc. Then he was sent to Virginia for SWAT school from Seattle, Washington. Before he left he said he'd try to call me sometime the following week. About 2 hours later he called me and we talked before he got on the plane. Once he was there for like 2 weeks, we started talking more seriously. I decided one day I was going to drive to VA since he wasn't allowed to travel outside of the state. I left on a Friday night at 1600 and arrived at Annex at 0730 on Saturday morning. We basically spent the morning laying in our hotel room talking, etc. It was really awesome, and things just kinda started rolling from there. :)


We fell in love

I have found my future husband through this site, Military Singles! He had sent me a mingle mail telling me that he thought I was beautiful and that he would love to talk to me on the phone and gave me his phone number. I checked out his profile and I was amazed at what I saw! He is unbelievably handsome! So, I decided to mingle mail him back and told him what I thought about him. I told him he could call me anytime and gave him my phone number. He ended up calling me that night and we spent about 2 hours on the phone. And, each and every night we did the same until we met the following weekend. We fell in love and he asked me to marry him on February 2, 2004!


My family is complete

I just wanted to thank you. I have found my future husband on your site. "navyproperty" is his username. He is stationed in Japan. I have just left there about a week ago. He flew me out there. I had the time of my life and am the happiest girl alive. We will let you know when we get married and if there would happen to maybe become a little one, we plan on it. But, thank you so much for showing me there is love out there and now I will have my family completed. Thank You.

Girlee19 & navyproperty

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